Quality 48-50 inch TV required for Computer use and AV streaming.


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Hi all

I have a 65 inch Sony A1 OLED that I'm pleased with.
I am now looking to get a 48"/50" OLED screen for my computers which will double up as a very fine display for streaming high definition video.
I will be connecting a Mac, PC, Apple TV & PS5.

My computer usage is not at pro level, so I don't have image or video editing needs.

I would like new tech as opposed to last years... eg 120hz fps on all HDMI (2.1) ports.

My budget is about £1200 and from browsing and I have shortlisted these two:

Philips 48OLED806

What is your experience / opinion of these or are there any other 48" screens that you recommend?
Is there a Sony equivalent model?

Things I like in a screen are :
very thin bezel, thin screen, sound is not so important as I'll be using a sound bar.
I prefer the screen not to be shiny and glossy.
The display has got to be ultra crisp and natural

Things that worry me are :
S c r e e n B u r n ! 🤬
Fuzzy display and judder



Are you planning to use the TV as a secondary monitor for video playback/games, or are you also going to use it as a monitor and leave stationary program`s/windows on the TV when using your computer?

If it's strictly a media display, with the occasional web browsing, no problem. If you are intending to use it as a main computer monitor then it's probably not suited.

Consider also pricing at this time of year. If you do decide on an OLED then you're going to be over-spending right now unless you can find a good deal on an outgoing 2020 model. The 2021 models, including the two you've picked out are just too expensive to recommend currently.


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It’ll be my main monitor for computer use and video streaming. I’ll be using a screen saver as well to help with any screen burn.

What do you recommend for my need.

I was also looking at : Sony Bravia 48" A9
That’s last years tech but I’m interested as it has a really Good display. That’s also quite expensive.

Thanks for your help. 👍🏽


Try and find a 48" 2020 model like the CX at a discount, that way you still get HDMI 2.1 and shouldn't over-spend or wait for deals on new 2021 stock. Not long to go now until the Black Friday/Xmas sales.

I wouldn't be too concerned comparing the different OLEDs. Differences are small because they are all sharing the same panel made by LG. Only odd one out is the new 48" LG A1 which is a 60hz panel. You mention fuzzy display and judder, but how clear the display is is down to the panel, judder itself will be controlled by your PC, not the TV. If you send 120hz, then its not possible to see judder. But there will be stutter on OLEDs...you probably see this already with your A1 in films/tv series with slow pans.


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Thanks for the tips. I'll look out for offers.
If 120hz was not important to you - Would you prefer the Sony A9 over the others?
Even though they are using the same LG panel, this particular screen gets a lot of positive reviews.

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