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Mar 24, 2002
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Have i got this right?
If i was to buy one of the quali-tv stb with CA ,all i would then need is a 60cm dish alined to astra?

is that all i need to receive euro 1080?

also if i was to buy a uk DVHS machine could i then record the signal

What other channels could i get?...already have sky+ with quad lnb but i have 2 of them and that takes all the inputs so i'd need another dish

thanks for your help

Well said you need a 1080i capable display not just a plasma, PJ's and RPTV's can be 1080i capable as can some CRT's (not in uk at the moment).
But i wonder if the box has an option for 480i/576p etc etc etc or if it just 1080i?
I have contacted them about some more infor but have had no response, looks like it will be £400+ for box and then a sub on top, i really hope this doesnt make Sky look like good value.
587 euros plus vat :eek: for the receiver that has the cam built in.
You can get standard receivers with CI interfaces for £129. Surely the extra couple of chips that it requires does not justify that kind of price hike. It is not as if this is a new thing and the research and development etc has to be paid for. This is based on established technology.

If Euro1080 goes belly up then the receiver instantly becomes worth around £50 if you are lucky.

Second thoughts are springing to mind. It is too much to pay for just a bit of of a novelty.

Darren's right, someone is making a killing here using already exisiting and cheap technology. Even the very best sat boxes don't cost this much!

The cheapest option by far is a satellite card - either the Broadlogic or Skystar. Both offer capabilities way beyond these STB's for what, between £20 and £50 max.

If you already use an HTPC I think its a no-brainer.
They use a software cam for "educational" purposes ;)

This is a good site for learning about sat cards, you may have to register (can't remember) but its worth it. Ignore the North America bit and scroll down to the Hardware threads for everything you need to know about the Skystar cards. Site loads slowly.


hello PaulB,

You talked about a cheaper alternative than the 587euro expensive stb from quali-tv,namely broadlogic and skystar.
Are these cards to be used instead of a stb? how does it work?

I'm totally green to all this sat-tech talk, but I would just like to see euro1080 without the 587 euro tag. How do I do it?

btw: I will (hopefully) recieve a hdtv capable tv set soon, so it's intended for tv viewing, although I'm able to hook my pc up to the tv via comp signal.

thanx for any info,

PS: I can't access the site you mention above.
Hi Kenji-San,
I no longer have my Skystar I'm afraid but if you do a search here in the High Definition forum you'll get all the information you need, (software to use, tips on set-up etc) as most of this has been covered in some detail. ZAndy1's thread below will likely cover the same ground as well so its worth keeping an eye on that one.

The site I linked to is still working (just checked it) but is slow to load I'm afraid so perhaps give it a bit longer - its worth it.
I just registered with the DVBnetwork forum recommended by Paul. There is some interesting stuff in there - but it takes a bit of patience because the site is so slow.
They must have a very slow server or slow infrastructure.
Nevertheless, some useful hints and posts - after reading some of them I couldn't resist posting in there myself.

Chris Muriel, Manchester.
Originally posted by hornydragon
as can some CRT's (not in uk at the moment).

JVC's HVxxP37/P38's support 1125i (1080i) and have been available in the UK for several months

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