Quake 4 gold


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I see Quake 4 went gold yesterday.
Haven't followed any of the development for this, so I don't know if this is a game to order now or wait for the reviews.
Has anyone pre-ordered it and knows how it might compare to other recent releases such as Doom III & HL2.


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Can't wait for this. Although, I've pre-ordered it on the X360 as my PC couldn't run Doom III very well! :(


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I'm waiting for the demo first. Hopefully the multiplayer component will be fairly extensive (unlike Doom III) since that will give me more enjoyment than SP - hours wise, not quality.


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I take it this is the PC version and not the 360 one?

I tried looking for it but all i got was Xbox sites.

ign doesnt have any info yet either.

Since it runs on the Doom 3 engine i take it a 6800GT should be enough to get it to run?

Doctor Hades

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I'm buying it on the Xbox 360 as I enjoyed playing Doom 3 more on the Xbox than I did PC despite the latter version having better graphics.

Apparently PC Gamer only gave Quake IV 70% in the current issue... :(

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