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Le Quai des Brumes (aka Port of Shadows) is a magnificent love story, a true classic which was unfortunately marred by a somewhat tumultuous start in life. Plagued by censorship, in the beginning it saw a period during which it was banned, deemed too unpatriotic and too disturbing to the younger generations. It was widely thought that it's narrative was inappropriate. Being about an army deserter, particularly during wartime, didn't sit well with many censors in pre-war europe. Also, the nature of the movie, being firmly rooted in the Poetic Realism movement in French Cinema, was ultimately a tale of tragedy. So often movies of this genre, pioneered by such greats as Jean Renoir and Jean Chenal, featured a protagonist who existed on the edges of society, outcast and alone, given one last chance at love; at happiness. The stories often saw a somewhat disappointing and bitter end for the main character, dashing the rekindled hope in a murky and often sorrowful end. This...

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