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I'm thinking of getting a pair of Quad 11L speakers, which seemed to do well in the What Hi Fi awards this year.

Does anyone know of any good sites where I may be able to find them below list price? I'm not sure if Quad restrict the sale of their products on the web in the same way that I have heard Kef do?

Thanks in advance



I looked around for those speakers, and could not find any place selling them at anything less than list price.

I found one place in Italy, which sell a pair for 400 Euros !

Make sure you listen to the speakers yourself (as always) ! - I liked them at first, but when compared to B&W CDM1NT or the Dynaudios, which I ended up buying, they sounded extremely "boomy" and not clean at all. IMHO.



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the best way to get anything less than retail is to go to a shop that sells the stuff you want. book a demo and then they know your serious and any half decent establishment should give at least something off/free with them. its all about how you treat people - remember to buy me a pressie when my good advice works!


They are fantastic speakers but you will need good quality stands to get the best from them. Also be careful about where you position them.
I run mine off an Arcam 75 plus integrated amp which sounds suberb. They also sound great for AV stuff. I only plugged them into my Yammy 630 for a very short while before wiring thru the Arcam but they still sounded good.
just to add bite to the bass I now run my sub woofer via the pre outs on the Arcam, this works really well even with AV.
The more power you can throw it them the better, if you under power them they can sound boomy, but generally they are easy to power.
As for where to buy them, I dont know, just ask nicely at your local HIFI shop and I am sure they will discount them :p

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