Quad core or i7, what do you think?


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Please forgive me if this has already been asked.

I am about to embark on a complete desktop upgrade but i am unsure as to which would be the best CPU for my needs.

Basically, the PC will be used mainly for Photoshop editing, and some video capture/editing/conversion work.

I don't really play much in the way of games.

I have been looking at the possibility of purchasing a second hand Q6600 (they seem to go for between £85 & £100), or a new Q6700 (£132). I have also been offered first refusal on a C0 stepping i7 by a friend. He will be asking about £170 max for it although i may be able to get him down to about £160.

I appreciate that going down the i7 route will incur an extra spend in respect of mobo and memory but which would suit my needs most and be the better investment?



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i'd personally go with the i7 :D

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Hi Paul

At the prices you're quoting the i7 would be the best bet. Would be ideal for Photoshop / video stuff.



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Thanks for your thoughts.

I have taken the plunge and bought the i7 for what i think was a bargain price of £165!

Now just creating my shopping list for the rest of the bits.

Think i may need to do some overtime................!!!!!!


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