Quad 44 radio input board use


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The radio input module on my Quad 44 pre amp is rated for 100mv & 1M ohms.
Would it be safe to run a headphone output from a Mega Drive to it?
The headphone output has a variable volume control.
I have used the Mega Drive, TV auxiliary out and pre-outs of an AV amp on one of the tape inputs set to 100mv and they worked fine but not sure of resistance of those inputs.
Could I damage the input board? Or can I run it safely with the headphone output set low?


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The radio input will accept 5V before clipping so there should be no problems feeding it from a headphone output. Input resistance is unimportant - FWIW tape input resistance varies between 39k and 121k depending on the sensitivity setting.


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Thanks for the reply severnsource.
I double checked with Quad service today.
They said it should be OK as long as I keep the volume low on the headphone output.
They said it would be better to use one of the tape inputs as they have switches to vary the sensitivity but I'm using both of them already.
From what you and Quad have said I'll give it a go during the week and see what happens.

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