quad 21l from front and quad 11L as centre - advice/opinion appreciated

toxic mango

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hello all

I have managed to get my hands on a pair of black quad 21L and a pair of black quad 11L. Unfortunately I have not been able to get my hands on a quad centre.

Now i can get a maple centre but this would not go with the black 21L on either side. The centre will be sitting below a projection screen.

The other alternative would be is to use quad 21l as front and use a single quad 11L as a centre and as a rear speaker in a 6.1 config with possibly kef q35.2 as a rear surround

Yours thoughts on this would be appreciated


toxic mango

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n e 1 :lease:


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Member Pulsar has used 3 x Quad 11L across the front and is happy with the results so I would say you would be Ok using the one 11L as a centre and 1 as a rear centre.

It is not so important to match the rears with the fronts as it is to tonaly match the front 3 speakers.It may be you can find a quad centre at a later date and then use the 11's as rears.

The quad range have been a real bargain of late due to their recent withdrawall due to new L2L.I got a pair of 11L's a couple of months ago as an early xmas present and think that they sound excellent.Just bear in mind the quads take from 50-100 hours running in before they give their best.

You could get a new L2 centre but not sure what price they are going for.

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