Quad 21l/11L/centre £640 0r aelite 5.1 speaker package for £999

toxic mango

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Hi there

What would you folks recommend between the two

I can get the following

1) Quad 21l/11L/centre for £640 (no subwoofer although I have a rel q150)

2) 0r aelite 5.1 speaker package for £999 (superfi)

3) acoustic energy aegis evo 3b £599 (superfi)

Unfortunately I do not have time to hear them both.

I currently have a denon 3802 reciever/kef 35.2 speaker package.

I appreciate my amp is not the greatest but I will upgrade this sometime next year

Any thoughts on the the above would be appreciated




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Hmmm....TM. I don't see any of those speakers as a big step up in performance, more of a sideways step. The Quad 11L is actually a better front speaker than the 21L IMO, so you could save a bit of cash there. The Aelites are pretty good and will sound very different to your kefs (but not necessarily better). AE's are good, but not an improvement either. :(

I really like the 35.2's. They have a really nice smooth sound and the midrange is lovely. They ain't fussy about room positioning either, whereas both AEs above can get tricky.......

In your shoes, I'd trade in your Denon for a more musical amp and pick up a nice, powerful sub. That will show you the kef's still have plenty to offer and a new will will really get them singing. :thumbsup:


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i had kef eggs then made the step up to the Quads. i replaced my 11L's with 21's last month cos of the price

wonderful for movies - and musical too!!!

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