quad 2 valve amplifier


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Hi all , very new member looking for some help.

I have been given 2 quad 2 amps.
I have absolutely no knowledge about stuff like this.
what do I do with them ?
my sterio system is an ipod dock so not really the right thing.
Ive looked on ebay to see if the pictures match mine and they do.
are the prices right ?
is there any checks that you suggest ?
If i cant use them is ebay the right place to sell them?

all help gratefully received


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Wow, you've been given these amps? Some people have all the luck.

If you intend to get into proper hifi then you'll probably always regret selling them. However, if you're happy with your current setup (or would like to upgrade to 'the next step up') then convert them into cash. Personally, in your situation, I'd possibly sell and put the money towards a decent separates system (assuming your ipod dock is one of these stand alone things!).

Ebay can be a nightmare. Set what you think is a fair price and advertise on avforums :)


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thank you for the reply
yep im definately a beginner lol
looks much to complicated for me.
as for picking a fair price , thats more difficult :mad:

whats the view on £400 ?



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Can you post pictures of the units. it depends on condition as these amps are expensive to put right if something has failed or even faulty valves can cost a couple of hundred so all of these things come into play when setting a price. These amps need a lot of juice (pre amplification) so your regular ipod dock isnt going to cut it, also need very efficient speakers. there might be the odd hi fi purist here or there who would offer reasonable money for a good quality pair. always a risky proposition buying sight unseen as well so most buyers would want to give the unit a thorough looking over before paying out the cash.

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