Quad 12L's + Rotel RSX1056 Good Combo?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Spoonfed, Sep 17, 2004.

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    Im still "shopping" around for a new AVR to upgrade my Denon 1602

    Mains Quad 12L's
    Centre Quad
    Rears Wharfedale Delta's
    HSU VTF2 Sub

    Room 4.5 x 3 metres

    I have demoed a 3805 and AVR300 and have eliminated the 300. Its price is to high i feel for the performane "I" personally could notice. Also after my audiition i have read a few AVR "comparos" in both What Hifi and HiFi News with others being favoured.

    Of interest is the Rotel RSX 1056. "Sonically" according to the HiFi News (AV TECH) review it was best. with the 3805 2nd... the AX5 Pio

    Here (Australia) The Pioneer is dearest ($2999 rrp) then the 3805 ($2500rrp) then the Rotel 1056 $2400 rrp (Australian $')

    My main aim is sonic improvement 2ch/mulitichannel from my Denon 1602.

    Just wonder if the rotel would be a good "pairing"

    While i could get a home demo of the 3805 and AVR300...... the Rotel sellers are clowns... and seem not to..... they do have a 7 day "not happy" return at least.

    OH also i can get a RSX 1055 (previous model) for $1500 which seems good value! The "rotel club" seem to think the 1056 is a noticable improvment sonically with better processing/DAC's etc.... not sure.

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