Quad 12L's or Dynaudio 52s



Just a really quick question for you all. Debating on a choice between the Quad 12L's and the DA 52's. I'm pretty much set on the 12L's, but thought I'd throw this one out to see what you all thought.

This is to go with a Cyrus 6 CD+Amp setup btw.

Cheers all


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I demo'd the 12's and the 52's - the dynaudio's wiped the floor with them.

But that was with my electronics and my wax filled ears

Demo them both - do you have a dealer with them nearby?


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Ditto Tillster, even down to the wax filled ears :)

They both sound excellent, but i preferred the looks of the Dyn's as you can see below! Remember that all Dyn's are single wired (saves ££s) but also that they are rated at 4 ohms which has not yet thrown up any wobblies in my system



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I've heard the Quads, and the Dyn 42's - but on different set-ups. I preferred the Dynadios. If you've already demoed both, and you're happy with the Quads, that should do. But if you haven't heard the Dynadios, I'd try and get a demo.


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I liked both tbh (wasn't much between them to my ear) when I was auditioning them but I fell in love with Linn Katans (slightly over your budget though iirc) instead. This led me to purchase the Ninka's I currently have. The Katans like my Ninka's offer an upgrade path from bi-wiring to bi-amping to going fully active which is an added bonus imo. If your going to go to an addition I'd definately suggest you give the Katans a try too:smashin:


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i have not heard the quads so do not know how they compare to dyns but your amp is i believe 40watts into 8ohms 50watt into 4ohms

the dyns 52 are 86 sesitivity 4 ohms

the quads are 6ohm 88 sensitivity

the reason i am repling to this post is

using 3802 with cdmints which are 8ohm? but can drop to 4ohms

using dyn 62 with 3802 for sterio found the top end was not so distinct with accoustic musik , using a better amp mf 3.2 bumped up the dyns to sound simular to cdms.

i am not trying to say dyns is better or worse than cdms just that in my own opinion the 3802 could drive cdms better than it can the dyns ,the dyns being 4 ohms.

would suggest you try your cyrus 6 with both .

hawklord we have both had near nigh identical kit ,did you find the ninkas harder to drive with 3802 vs cdms?


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I had DM602 S3's before the Ninka's and the AVR3802 drove them effortlessly. When I got my Ninka's however I wanted to get better stereo anyhow and bought an integrated to help with this. The Avr3802 managed to drive the Ninka's ok on their own but having the extra power the integrated gives helps them to perform at their best- even more so when I finally bought a power amp and bi-amped them:)
As long as your not running your kit next to reference levels all the time then I feel the 3802 is more than adequate but with the addition of extra amplification via a power amp or integrated is definately the way to go if you want to drive higher rated speakers to their best.

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