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QPR fan rant about football


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My apologies if this has already been posted but I thought I'd share this amusing email I received today with you :rotfl:

text deleted by moderator

Ian J

You really need to check for language and general acceptability before posting such stuff. I have neither the time nor inclination to spend ages editing it so it's easier just to delete the lot - sorry


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You really need to check for language and general acceptability before posting such stuff. I have neither the time nor inclination to spend ages editing it so it's easier just to delete the lot - sorry

Sorry, my bad. As it managed to pass through the email filters at various friends and colleagues work places I neglected to double check whether it would be appropriate for these forums and did a hasty copy and paste job :facepalm: I'lll be more careful in future.

its very funny and true, shame you cant link to it.

I guess anyone who hasn't already been emailed it by now can quite easily google it...


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Ian didn't say you can't post it just to be mindful of content and inappropriate language. The rant is hilarious and so on the money IMHO. Heres a forum friendly version:

You've probably all seen this now but just in (Jimmy) case. Here is the infamous QPR fan rant that is doing the rounds. Fan rants are all the rage at the moment so expect hundreds more to follow in the coming weeks. We will only jump on the bandwagon just this once though:

I take more pleasure in seeing Chelsea lose than I do in seeing QPR win at the moment.

I sat through so many matches when we were absolute rubbish under the likes of Ray Harford and with people like Paul Bruce, Matthew Brazier and Mark Perry in the squad and I never felt like this.

The club isn't ours anymore but more so than that - football is just properly rubbish these days.

I mean really rubbish.

football generally.

I hate nearly everything about it these days....

I hate the Prem and the myth that it is exciting this year. Man City breaking into the top four isn't exciting. They spent loads of money. It's no more exciting that Nameless dweeb getting to number 1 in the charts after winning the X-Factor.

I hate the myth of Arsene's kids. Buying some French kid when he's 17, playing him in the League Cup and then selling him when he's 20 after about 3 appearances in the league is NOTHING SPECIAL.

I hate hearing about Liverpool/Man Utd's debt but nothing ever happening about it. A club needs to go to the wall for the money thing to change but it doesn't happen. Why the hell are Charlton, Leeds and Southampton still in business?

I hate Frank Lampard's face. I hate that Joe Cole's tongue is never in his mouth. I hate John Terry being England captain when he's CLEARLY AN OAF.

I hate the England team.

I hate young exciting wingers who have nothing but pace. Tony Scully had nothing but pace.

I hate the FA Cup. There may be little shocks like last night but for the most part you know who's going to win it. Unless a team throws away all their financial security to win it a la Pompey.

I hate Harry Redknapp. And Jamie Redknapp. And Louise Redknapp. And the Wii.

I hate James Nesbitt, Eammon Holmes and everyone.

I hate Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer.

I hate Garth Crooks.

I hate Garth Brooks for that matter.

I hate Sky Sports.

I hate that when a lower league player beats 10 players and chips the keeper it doesn't matter but if Rooney scores from more than 20 yards it's amazing.

I hate that everything football related has to have 'Club Foot' playing behind it.

I hate that female sports journos are now mandatory.

I hate any advert that portrays football to be about anything other than pain and disappointment.

I hate any advert that mentions pies at football.

I hate Lee Hughes and the fact that he makes a living from the game. I hate Marlon King and any team that signs him when he gets out. I hate that it'll probably be us.

I hate Phil Brown.

I hate 'well the ball is a lot lighter now and will cause goalkeepers real problems this summer' before EVERY TOURNAMENT.

I hate that Kieron Dyer earned more in the time I took to write this post than I'll earn this month.

I hate Adrian Durham, Ian Wright and Alan Brazil.

I hate that a comeback from 4-0 down at half time (TWICE) means nothing because we aren't scouse.

I hate Leeds.

I hate Roy Keane.

I hate grown men wearing football shirts of their team whilst shopping on a saturday when their team is playing at home.

I hate that I don't hate Roy Hodgson.

I hate Jermaine Beckford and any player who has neck tattoos.

I hate Danny Dyer and anyone he's ever interviewed.

I hate the book 'Cass' by Cass Pennant. It is honestly the stupidest thing I've ever read. Chapter 1: Millwall. 'Yeah we took 50 to Millwall. They had 1000 in their mob but we ran 'em up and down the street'. Chapter 2: Liverpool. 'Yeah we took 50 to Liverpool. They had 2000 in their mob but we ran 'em up and down the street'. :facepalm:
I hate that all good youngsters end their careers at Spurs before they start.


I hate to say, i agree with him.


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So much is true.:D

I know a big Chelsea fan who says he had more fun on a wet Wednesday night at Sheff Wed in the League Cup in the early 90s than he gets now watching them play at Stamford Bridge v the premiership elite.

HE said it used to be real football, and now it doesn't feel real due to the new fan base thats going to games, and to pubs and getting excited about their teams.


Moderator/Games Reviewer
Its also impossible to hate RWoy Hodgson.


that's very true. he's one of the best and most likeable english managers around. honest and polite, he rarely loses his temper or berates the refs. he epitomises class. thumbs up for roy!

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