QoS - Limiting Available Bandwith Question


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I have a Laptop, PS3 & 360 all of which I use online, from time to time i'll find myself downloading a large file on the computer whilst at the same time playing on Xbox Live for example.

Is there any PC applications that allow me to limit available bandwidth to certain devices (I don't have a QoS Router). If possible could this process be automated so that say i'm downloading at full speed on the PC, I want to go online so I turn on my 360, the PC would sense a new IP address on the LAN and throttle it's download speed to increase available bandwidth for the rest of the network?

Thanks for any help here. I'm using Vista x86 Home Premium.



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NetLimiter - www.netlimiter.com

you can limit the computer or just certain applications which are running to your desired speeds. That's the only app i've used for this on small scale.

It's not automated etc but it's a simple application way of doing it manually.

(I'm sure there is software for QoS but i've never used it so I can't really comment on them)

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