Qobuz on pc and sound settings


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Hi, all

Decided to try qobuz through my phone and pc connected to my yamaha R-N602. Obv the phone route is pretty simple so no issues there. Kinda stumped on the pc route though. When I select the output to be wasapi exclusive it works fine, when I select direct sound it works fine. However when I select the simple wasapi (so I can share the sound output through the other apps) I get either nothing or just weird distortions. I've checked all the settings etc, re-installed drivers. Nada. I also gave the ASIO mode a try but most of the times I just get errors and it doesn't work. In the advanced audio settings in windows I selected my output to be 2 channels, 24bit, 192khz however I can't find info if that applies to wasapi or directsound. Some others have also said that on windows 10 directsound doesn't properly exist and it's still a form of wasapi. I am quite well pc versed but I am kinda lost at this especially since wasapi exclusive works but not the shared one. Just trying to get highest audio quality that my system could support. (now whether it's audible or not that's a whole different chapter). Anyone has any experience on this?

Windows 10 -> X570 MB w/ Realtek onboard audio - > Optical connection -> Yamaha R-N602 -> Wharfedale evo 4.2


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My R-N602 has Qobuz functionality built in, can't you play music direct from Qobuz to the amp rather than via a PC or am I missing something?


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I can through the phone through musiccast (as far as I know there's no quboz connect yet) but the whole point is to seamlessly use the pc while multitasking, and not having to resort to picking up the phone all the time to change songs. (Or changing sources if I want to listen for a moment something on youtube etc)

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