QNAP 653-Pro stuck on booting


I was half asleep in bed this morning, when I heard 2-3 beeps from downstairs. Came down and found the Qnap on the "System Booting >>>" screen. I figured we had just had a minor off/on power cut and went back up to get ready for the day.

Came back down 30 mins later and was still stuck on system booting loop.
Did the usual power off, drives out etc. as recommended on other sites but still stuck on system booting, and not getting any beeps or HDMI output from it.

I'm going to look for spme spare RAM i have and see if that works, but apart from that, is there any 3rd party places that could fix it. QNAP basically said "Too old, buy a new one"


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For people to help you - you will need to provide more details of your problem. So first would be what happened when it stalls on bootup ? Is there an error message at all ? Does the system beep ? etc.
After that you need to detail exactly what you have done to solve it. So any site help you may have followed including QNAP's own site etc.


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Exact same thing happened to mine; your Atom chip is fried. Here is a 21 page thread on the Qnap forums about it:

Basically the Atom chip shipped with a bug that would mean at some point in the future, it will just stop working. This bug was discovered a couple of years after shipping.

There is a trick you can do with some soldering to get it to boot up for a short period but otherwise, your Qnap is toast.

Where did you get it from? I managed, once I threatened legal action, to get Amazon to refund me even though the Qnap was 5.5 years old at this point.

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