QN95A - Wall Mount Adapter, Good idea or bad?


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I've just received a QN95A which unfortunately/unsurprisingly, did not fit my existing wall mount.
(LG EZ Slim Wall Mount for 2016/2017 OLED and Premium UHD LED TVs (OTW420B) | LG USA)

As a last resort I'm willing to buy Samsungs 2021 slim fit wall mount (when it's available in the UK) but I believe that has no adjustability and I find this LG existing is very securely fitted, has good adjustability for my room, ideal for angling towards guests & pulls out "just" far enough to make the screen seem more cinematic & any alternatives are just bulky affairs.

So I'm thinking of an adapter, is putting a £2200 TV on an adapter a really stupid idea or is it fine? also Amazon has a lot of adapters but they all seem surprisingly bulky etc so does anyone have a suggestion for an adapter to maintain the slim profile?

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