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New series of Qi starts on BBC2 tonight.:clap:


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And damn good it was too! Immediately watched the next one on BBC4. :thumbsup:


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Indeed and it seems even funnier this time round. I resisted the BBC4 showing though!


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I actually thought this was one of the poorer episodes. Rob Brydon does nothing for me and wouldn't shut up and let Bill Bailey and Rich Hall get a word in. As these are the funniest regulars it was a waste.

And Alan Davies and Stephen Fry seemed to be ****** off at each other.

Or I am over analysing a panel game show :)


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is there anything that steven fry does'nt know?
in the words of mr dury 'there aint half been some cleaver bastards'
......wonder if he knows its impossible for anyone to lick there own....elbow
apparantly 80% of people told this, immediately try it.


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This is the best 'quiz' of recent years. It has - shock - real questions and the contestants - horror - try to answer them! Also, it is not a swear-fest (usually) and shows signs of intelligence. Strewth!
One thing that always gets me crying with laughter is Stephen Fry's impressions of Robert Robinson.
Agreed about Alan Davies. He just puts the daftness on.


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yeah but Alan Davies is there to be Stephen Fry's foil. Fry can use him as a stupid child he can chastise (and this is usually funny). In one of the previous series, Davies tried to make a Quite Interesting point about a new born kangaroo moving direct to its mother's pouch. Fry gave him a condesending look and stated that 'even unborn foetus's know that'. Marvellous!


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Missed this myself, but I'll catch up with it. For all AD's obvious dumbing down, there are a few moments when he makes a gem of a comment. I always judge AD by SF's reaction, you do see him genuinely laugh sometimes.


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reevesy said:
wonder if he knows its impossible for anyone to lick there own....elbow
apparantly 80% of people told this, immediately try it.
I'm betting there are one or two people whose mothers took thalidomide during pregnancy that can.


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I know the theme tune is composed by Howard Goodall, but to me it always sounds very similar to some other tune/song, which for the life of me I cannot recall

... anyone else get that same feeling with the tune, and if you know what that similar piece of music could be, please could you put me out of misery? :D


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Anyone think, that when we eventually (if at all) get through to the end of the alphabet, with Series 26 and the letter Z, that the BBC might bother to release a complete QI Alphabet DVD/HD-DVD/whatever other format we watch the show on for home viewing release, with every show from all 26 series?! :eek: :D

That would be quite interesting, especially having to see how we all get it delivered, or bring it home from the shops. :rotfl:


P.S. I think that Jo Brand's a good foil for Alan and Stephen, when she's on the show! Loved the recent episode when she had a go at Stephen about whether someone might be mad, or actually suffering from a mental health issue. Certainly pulled poor Stephen down a peg or two. :D


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Not a happy bunny syndrome is not a recognised medical condition :D

By the time they get to Z we'll be having them injected directly into our brains and we'll all be as clever a Stephen Fry :thumbsup:


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Thanks, that's the bit I was wetting myself over, from Jo Brand - not a happy bunny syndrome! :)


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