Qestion about TV-output on Asus Radeon 9800XT graphics card


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I hope to buy the Asus Radeon 9800XT graphics card, but I have a question to make sure it's the correct product for me.

The card has a TV-Out socket. Does anyone know what display resolution is this output? Will the resolution be standard TV resolution (640x480), or can this resolution be adjusted to higher resolutions? I will be getting a plasma TV which is capable of higher resolutions, so I hope I can connect the TV-out on the 9800XT graphics card to the plasma TV and get the high resoluion display I require.



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You'd get a far better picture feeding the plasma with RGB, some have a native VGA input, or failing that using an RGB->Component converter.


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I don't think the Asus video card has RGB output, unless you're talking about the VGA output. I was thinking of using the TV-out (composite and S-Video) because it's a cheap solution, and a 10 metre VGA or RGB cable would be expensive. The computer is in theother end of the room to where the TV is.



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Dr. Rock there should be no problem hooking the Tv Out to you plasma screen using composite or s-video but the quality leaves much to be desired. RGB is definately the way to go no questions asked. If you plasma screen has DVI input it would need a high quality lead to ensure minimal signal degredation. Best thing to do it drag the PC to the other room while testing the S-video (everyone's got a lead lying round right..:/) and then testing the DVI input (or getting hold of a component adaptor if needed).


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Hi Stlic,

I haven't bought the Asus video card yet. I first need to know if the TV-output (supports s-video and composite) supports high resolutions, beforeI buy it. The specs page on the Asus website doesn't state anything about resolution from that socket. And their tech support I emailed are taking a long time to reply to me. :(



OK, your plasma should have a VGA or DVI input.

If it has VGA, then just connect the DVI->VGA adaptor you should get with the card and then connect that to the plasma, or if it has DVI use a DVI lead to do the same.

THis method means you have much better image quality as it's a direct connection to the card. If you get Powerstrip http://www.entechtaiwan.com/ps.htm) you should be able to make a pixel perfect match for the resolution on the plasma :)

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