QED XT speaker cable - opinions?


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I'm thinking about upgrafing my Nordost flatline gold cable for some XT400 (and the nordost are on the short side anyway since my move around).

Can anyone give me their opinion on how good they are, preferably those who either have them or have demo'd them.

My hifi is a Cyrus Dad3Q24 cyrus 7 and B&W DM603 speakers.

I use the amp as the driver for the main speakers in my home cinema set up as well.

Of course if aynone has any suggestions for a better solution please let me know.

Also does anyone know anywhere that might do a good deal on this, I've seen it for £17.50 per metre but then I need to pay for the Air loc plugs and it starts getting really expensive, are their any friendly suppliers to these forums who might do the members a good price?

All input welcome.



Can't comment specifically on the xt400 but i have xt350 in my system and like it a lot. I also have 603s but with arcam gear.
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