QED vs. Lindy - Longer lenght HDMI cables (and others)?


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I'm in need of a 5-8 metre HDMI cable to connect a device to my Sony 40D3000 telly. I'm a bit torn whether to choose QED or Lindy as the cable manufacturer. WHAT HI-FI always hypes QED up awarding it yearly, and those violet cables are quite fetching-looking. However, I've heard many good things about Lindy GOLD -cables. I guess Lindy isn't considered a "true high end cable manufacturer" or not as much as QED in that regard, anyway. However, it's the performance that counts (although good-looking cables are always nice).


So what do you say, QED or Lindy?

Secondary question:
I also need an optical cable of the same length. I guess Lindy is my choice as QED doesn't make that long optical cables...


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You could always give Mark Grant cables a go. ;)


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used these for my projector, excellent quality. all tested to 1080p 60hz if i recall correctly

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Hello JohnOrion

5m is (according to HDMI.org) the magical cross over point between 'anything will do' and 'make sure you give it a good test before you bury it in your wall'.

A lot of the cable assemblies on the market are simply branded generic cables from the many Far East manufacturers who are keen to capture the HDMI cable market.

For relatively low cost cables up to 15m have a look at Octava (http://www.octavainc.com/HDMI cable.htm) and for a higher quality build/specification have a look at BetterCables (http://www.bettercables.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWCATS&Category=3)



So what do you say, QED or Lindy?
I have both ( although not the newer purple QED) and can't tell them apart. This aint to say there won't be a difference with your setup. Sources / displays and surrounding wires all play a part so unfortunately I think you'll need to suck it and see.. just make you buy from a reputable dealer that will take the cables back if they're not suitable ( most internet ones should under the long distance selling regulations)


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the problem is that I live in Finland and we don't have that many lowcost brands (Mark Grant, Bluejeans) and so on. Bettercables could be a nice choice, though. Of course, these all are probably available online...

On the other hand, my livingroom has a lot of purple and so QED would be a nice choice. I know that one shouldn't get higher-end cables (especially when the signal is digital) but my understanding is that especially in longer lenghts one should get a "trusty" cable. If I decide to go with QED, I'll probably order them from hificables.co.uk (have bought from them before, they deliver to Finland). Lindy is sold here in Finland, though.

Oh yeah, and the lenght will be 5 metres. :)

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