QED Speaker Termination Question


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Hi All,

I've just recieved a length of QED XTC to which I intended to solder plugs to myself as I couldn't justify the cost of the Airloc plugs. On looking at the cable now in person I've realised the layout with the copper running round the outside of the central core and I'm wondering how to go about terminating this.

Do I need to remove a little bit of the core to attach the copper to the plug or do I just solder the whole lot together - slightly worried that the core will melt into the copper.

I've only ever used standard type cables in the past which just solder straight on so this has me a little bit stumped. Any advice would be very much appreciated.


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Thanks for the move - silly me.

Also I think I've answered my own question. I've removed some of the cable to find that the core is hollow - I think I thought is held further wire. I will remove it.


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Many Thanks for that link. :smashin:

I managed to get the cables done on Tuesday night but I'm not entirely happy with my handy work nor the quality of the plugs I'd chosen. I'm currently looking for some which are similar to the chord plugs shown further up that page.

Will do a better job next time now armed with a little bit of extra info.

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