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QED Speaker Cables and Airloc Terminations


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Any one had experience of the QED Airloc speaker plugs?
I currently have QED Revelation Cables to my front three speakers and Silver Anniversary to the rears all are currently terminated with Maplin Gold plated clamp type plugs. I am not particularly happy with the clamp type connections and am thinking about getting the cables terminated using the QED recommended Airloc plugs. Searching the internet on this I have found one or two posts (not on here) about the cables pulling out of the crimped connection, any similar experiences.
Would I be better to solder the cables into the existing plugs?
What would be the cost of the Airloc plugs put on my cables?
What is the correct method of stripping the Revelation cable it is quite a complicated structure with numerous individualy insulated cores?
I am sure if anyone knows the answers to the above I will find them on here! Thanks in anticipation.


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Hi John

You should not have any issues with the cables pulling out of the plugs. Most likely these are cases where the cable has not been terminated correctly in the first place, quite possibly due to someone who's not worked with the cable before making a bodge job of stripping it. With regards to stripping it, dedicated tools which are either pre-sized or auto size can be used or even simply a steady hand and a decent small pair of snips. These methods risk accidentally tearing & loosing strands, or even possibly an entire core if you've not tried it before but if you practise first then you can always snip back half an inch of cable if you mess up.

In terms of soldering your existing plugs or using Airlocs, I doubt there'd be any audible difference either way in terms of performance but Airlocs do look mighty smart - they certainly have that going for them! ;) If you're interested in getting your cable terminated for you then feel free to PM me for pricing & postage details. Airloc plugs are ~£5/ea from almost everywhere, ourselves included.

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I will also add that if the the terminations have been properly Airloc'd then I would see if to be VERY hard for the cable to be pulled out of the termination due to the way the Airloc is terminated. If the cable has been terminated with Airloc's then it will need to be terminated by a QED crimping tool.

Due to the revelation's construction unfortunately the latest NEW type metal body Airloc's will be £8 each to terminate, this is a terminated cost as Joe public without the AT1 would not be able to terminate them.


Phil @ Custom Cable


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Thanks for the prompt response Gents
As I have the cables and plugs already I think my first option is to re kindle my soldering skills after a bit of practice striping the damn cable.
But I know eventualy I will not be able to resist those gleaming Airloc's

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