QED Speaker Cable??


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Hi there im in in the stage of ordering my new av system which comprimises of a panasonic 50" plasma, onkyo 605 av receiver, and the Celestion AVS-501 speaker package. Now here is my problem, i dont have a clue which speaker cable to buy. I am set on QED as per reviews etc but i cant realy afford the anniversary XT as i need 2 x 15 meter runs for rear speakers. Will i get away with XT for the front 2 speakers and then the micro cable for the rears or do you reccomend QED original or something else ie every speaker front and back wired with same cable? Is the QED micro cable sufficient for the rear speakers?? Many thanks in advance i look forward to reading your coments. :thumbsup:


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I'm in a very similar position to this (long run to rears and can't afford the Silver Anni XT all round, plus I have concerns about running thicker cable to rears along the same path my sub cable is going!), so I await the answer. At present I'm thinking either QED Micro all round or Silver XT up front and Micro to the rear.


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Im just on this learning curve myself mate when it comes to speaker cable! Im going to be using Van Damme Blue series cable which seems to be very popular round here. As the surrounds arent used for music, I think youd be wasting your money on the XT for those. I may be wrong but thats my understanding so far. Wait and see what someone else says but the QED micro will be fine IMO. You could probably go cheaper infact


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Thanks for that i will use micro for the rear speakers, forgot to add shall i use Anni XT for the centre speaker aswell??


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Thanks for that i will use micro for the rear speakers, forgot to add shall i use Anni XT for the centre speaker aswell??

I would suggest using the same cable on all the front speakers. The VanDamme is popular here and I am thinking of swapping to that myself. if I do it will be the 4mm stuff bi-wire.

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the qed silver anni xt is excellent cable and certainly worth the money but if you can't really afford it then get the vandamme cable instead which should do fine.

some people don't believe in upgrading speaker cables etc but it really does work through the whole price range.

i've upgrade from qed anni xt to qed silver spiral with a nice improvement in sound and have recently purchased kimber interconnects and speaker cable which has cost over £1000 but certainly worth the outlay for such an improvement. :)

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Use the SA XT cable for the fronts and centre to keep consistency and these are the ones that are most important especially the centre for movie dialogue.

Micro is a good compromise for the rears and also gives a smaller cable for installation.

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