QED Scart with digisender-Problem?


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Please be gentle, very inexperienced enthusiast......:blush:

Hope it's ok to post this in here?

I have a digisender in the lounge that sends sky+ to both kitchen and bedroom.

Today I take delivery of my new plasma (Panasonic PX60) for the lounge.

Because I wanted to get the best possible PQ out of the new plasma screen I invested in a fairly expensive (well it seems it to me) quality QED AV21 fully wired Scart to connect PX60 and Sky+ box.

Having just unplugged all the cables from the back of the old set-up i'd forgotten that the cheapo scart for the digisender plugs directly into the "TV" socket of the sky+ box and then the "new expensive and fully wired" scart would have to plug into this!

Have i just wasted my money on the new scart as it doesn't plug directly into the sky+ box but rather into the back of the very cheap looking digisender scart = Degradation in quality?

If so, is there any way round this for best performance/pq- some sort of scart box?

Thank you in advance.

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