Qed QX5CV Cable -Can i use it for digital audio


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Hi, i need to connect a sky hd box coaxial audio output to a pioneer Reveiver in another room. The cables were installed a few years ago and the only direct cable is Qed QX5CV, which contains 5 coaxial cables and 2 twisted pairs. The qed spec says the cables are 75 ohm so i thought i could use one terminated with rca plugs for the audio but i cant get an audio signal out. ive checked for shorts/ opens and have proved the system is set up correctly by connecting them with a length of rg59 coax just laid on the floor and everything works fine with it. Any suggestions please.



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How long is the run? SPDIF isn't really meany for anything longer than 15m, although may work over longer distances if you're lucky.


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Thanks, i estimate it might be close to 15 mtrs. So apart from the length are you saying this type of cable should be suitable . i cant think why it wouldnt be

Mario Nicholas

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Try sending an analogue audio signal down the cable to test it's really okay from point A to b and get a music playback.
This is because I've seen a few houses where that type of cable is run via another location and this will 100% verify the cable integrity.

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