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QED QWIRE 4-4 Pin - bargain cable on Amazon (if genuine)


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Hi all,

Thought I'd post this quick link for a QED Qwire cable for connection between camcorder & DVD recorder which is on sale at Amazon for £1.99 (£6.50 inc.p&p):

I thought for £6.50 it might be worth a punt, if it's an original then it's happy days as they usually go for £25, if not then I'm not gonna lose any sleep over it. Will let everyone know once I've received it next week.



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Really wouldn't know, i wouldn't pay £25 myself, however, as i came across the cable via amazon i thought i'd just put a quick link in for anyone who may have been interested. I'm feeling in a genrous mood today but next time i'll keep to myself.

As i said, i don't know if its the genuine article or not, but for £6.50 it's a snip if their selling at £25 (even though that is too high a price to pay just for 4-4 pin cable).


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I see. Nobody's criticising you. But it would seem that the gold plated, solid silver 99.999999999999999999999999% OFC brigade are trying to have a go at Firewire leads.

Being as they are principally computer cables I thought that we were all perfectly happy with standard copper (all copper is oxygen free) wire at £1.99 a cable.

Rocky ride ahead, methinks.


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Pardon my ignorance, but why would anybody want to pay £25 for a 4-4 firewire lead?

Youd be amazed .The Sales talk from the Comet/Currys guys is all it takes to empty some folks pockets!


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What exactly is the claim then, for a £25 Firewire cable? Expect it'll be our old friend Mr Jitter again.
No "reliability"
Saying that, there are dodgy cables which look the part and send you scurrying to do a full diagnostic until you find out the wire was poorly made

The Belkin brand in PC World would go for such cost without any "shame" that a rip off is happening
The sales folk extend the benefits of better audio or video cabling whose virtues are well known in Hifi /AV circles to loosely ( and dishonestly) explain why you need that £25 firewire cable..:rolleyes:
They can often spot a potential "punter" a mile off though:eek:


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Pardon my ignorance, but why would anybody want to pay £25 for a 4-4 firewire lead?

it looks better the a standard grey/black lead

i have a firewire/ilink amp and three disc players that have i/link out put but i havent had the tiem to see if there is a difference with leads


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I agree that costly cables aren't always the great value they are made out to be but firewire cables do ( for some reasons) do fail to work sometimes and they are almost always the weakest link in a dodgy firewire conndtion
Certainly first thing to rule out
USB cables seem far more "robust" by and large ( even "Pound Shop" ones:) )
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