QED Qunex HDMI - 1080p Capable?


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Despite extensive Googling etc, can anyone tell me if the QED Qunex cables are 1080p capable?

I have two of them set into the wall currently for a Toshiba 1368 by 768 set, however I have just bought a 1980 by 1080p set and don't really want to have to rip all the cabling out again!


Joe Fernand

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Hello Flashman

Not having an HDMI 1.3 certified cable is not an indicator that you wont be able to achieve 1080p over your installed cables - though I guess anyone starting out on an install now would be best advised to ensure any 'installed' cables are fully tested with 1080p.

According to the QED Trade 'Newsletter' I received yesterday all QED HDMI cables (up to 7m long) manufactured since Nov 06 are HDMI 1.3 compliant - though I'm not sure how you tell if your looking at a pre or post Nov 06 cable.



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Thanks for the swift reply, unfortunately the cables have been in place since Summer '06, so will not be 1.3.

Not too worried about that aspect, just wanted to ensure the 1080p capability..

Thanks again.

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