QED AV2110 vs Ixos XHT801


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I've been recommended either the 'QED AV2110' or the 'Ixos XHT801' scart lead in order to connect up my TV to a sky digital box, & dvd recorder. Does anyone have an opinion on which of these is the better buy?

Also, I've come across the QED AV2110 advertised as the QED AV21. Are these the same scart lead, or is there a difference?

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Guess it's personal preference really....

I have the IXOS one and it's a great cable, but i've not compared it to the QED.

I've just bought an Acoustic Reference Master Series component lead and i've noticed the guy is selling the same range SCART (MS901) lead, so for £29 i'd give it a go - personally. http://www.fillyourboots.com/ Click on FYB Shop and download the PDF.
qed av2105 means cable is 0.5 meters long, qed av2110 means 1 meter, av2120 means 2 meters, and so on, etc.


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MikeK said:
I doubt you'd find there is much difference between these - both are way overpriced! :) :)

Disagree I have the QED one at 30 quid and it was better than my original Thor cable which cost 20 quid. I would not use any of the cheapo scart cables below £5 quid.


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I had an Ixos 'green' s-video to SCART. The cable was thick and brittle and it fractured mid cable when I gave it a little 'light' abuse feeding it around an akward corner.

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