QE55Q70A Lip Sync Issue


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Morning all,

I have a Samsung QE55Q70A 55" LED in my kitchen and the lip sync is out severely on some channels. ITV is always out but if go up to C4 or down to the BBC's it's spot on? Sometimes when I return to ITV it has corrected itself.

This TV is connected to a Sky Mini box via HDMI so nothing complicated.

TV Audio settings are:

HDMI-eARC Mode - Off
Digital Output Audio Format - Auto
Digital Output Optical Delay - '0'
Sound Feedback - High

I have messed with these settings but it makes no difference.

Really happy with the picture on this TV however the sound is pathetic, even on Amplify. No bass notes whatsoever.

Any help appreciated as always.



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If all other sources are correct then it probably isn't the TV, what sound settings has the minibox been set to?
Generally the TV inbuilt speakers of tv's tend not too lean towards quality either...


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Hi Cuke,

Sky mini settings:

Picture Res - 1080p
Digital Audio Out HDMI - Dolby Digital
Digital Audio Out Optical - Dolby Digital
Digital Audio Delays are both 0ms
HDMI Control - On

Thank you.


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Have you tried setting the mini's audio to normal? As you've only stereo on your tv...


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Cuke, I think I owe you a beer. It seems to have sorted the sync issue AND the sound is far richer/better.

Hopefully that's it but I'll let you know tomorrow.

Thank you so much.


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Thanks again, all sorted.

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No problem, glad it is sorted...

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