QA55Q60AAW Sound Problem


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Just purchased a newish Samsung QLED TV, big upgrade from the last one I had.

Any tips or tricks on the model to set it up as best as it can be? QA55Q60AAW

Picture is good, all content streamed from a GForce GTX 970 computer, which is pretty old now, running TV streaming well and not gaming at the moment so all good on that front.. Any ideas on any improvements any way?? Seems there is a heap of TV's with similar model names so can't find a proper answer..

Main problem is sound going up and down... E.g a TV show running 42 mins, most the sound volume is consistent, then some scenes like a car chase the voices are loud as hell.. Same thing happens with Netflix, local TV streaming, and buying movies to stream from youtube for example... Ironically the TV makes adds quieter most the time...

Ive googled it and gotten suggestions to either change a setting which isn't available on this model, or flick a switch on the bottom off the TV which ive felt for and looked for as best I can, but cant find it.. Also SAMSUNG TV 55" QLED 4K QUANTUM DOT SMART Q6 for more info other then the QA number/ not sure which is better...??? Lastly not located near a TV socket what ever their called so not an option..

Any ideas on a fix to make the sound more consistent at least?? Last Samsung I upgraded from 5-8 years old had a function to ensure the sound was about the same with out upping or lowering the volume or something like that..

Thanks, suggestions welcome off how or where to find how to make it better...
(Worth the upgrade already, but sound problem is an issue, and annoying..)

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