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I've been using LG 55LX9500 for the last decade as an external PC monitor. Sure, an IPS panel isn't the greatest when it comes to near black performance but the local dimming feature on this TV (120 zones) compensated for relatively poor black levels. The great thing about this old Full HD TV is that you don't have to worry about a PC mode, chroma subsampling etc. Just hook up a PC and you're ready to go. All the features like motion frame interpolation, colour adjustment work like a cham with a PC. Also, viewing angles on an IPS panel are superb.

Unfortunately, my beloved workhorse broke down, so I had to buy a new TV. A local company offered me a sweet deal - a band new Samsung QE75Q950RBTXXH for just under 2000 euros. Without any hesitation, I immediately accepted this offer and picked up my new TV. No doubt, it's much, much brighter than my previous one, also I counted 480 local dimming zones. So far, so good.

The viewing angle of a VA panel is visibly inferior to that of an IPS panel.

What really grinds my gear, is that dreadful PC mode. There's almost no control over the white balance, colour management etc. Basically, I'm stuck with the default settings. Ok, I tried to cheat and changed the source to a Blue-ray player (with a PC). Unfortunately, there's some kind of a chroma subsampling going on in this mode because the image looks really weird.

Movie mode:
1 (1).jpg

PC Mode:
1 (2).jpg

Is there any way, shape or form how to use this TV as a PC monitor while maintaining calibrated picture settings?
Is only the HDMI 4 port HDMI 2.1 compatible on the One Connect box?

Sorry for my bad English! I'm not a native speaker.
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I am currently looking into buying the QE55Q950R as a replacement for my 32" 4K monitor. Except the calibration, do you find the TV:

> Good for writing or reading documents/articles/weipages?
> Good for playing games (e.g. flickering, lag)?
> Good for Photoshop and other apps (I've read a review telling the TV has a 100% dci p3 output, so that must be great then!)

I'm looking forward to your reply and most of all, I hope you find a fix for the color calibration. (p.s. have you tried to turn off HDR and/or updating your graphic drivers?)
I'd say the TV is not well suited to work in conjunction with a PC. The main problem has no so much to do with the total lack of any basic calibration in the PC mode but rather its obnoxious subpixel rendering which cannot be disabled even in the PC or Game mode with the Input Signal Plus enabled, as you can see in the upper pick. The only time when this artefact goes away is when the service menu is accessed as shown in the bottom pic. I would really appreciate if somebody gave me a hint how to disable this subpixel rendering in the TV's service menu.

As far as gaming is concerned, the TV can be used for such a purpose. Just be aware than in the Gaming mode, the efficiency of the local dimming algorithm is greatly reduced, presumably to reduce the input lag. As I've already mentioned, the TV is really bright, albeit the viewing angle is quite poor compared to an IPS panel, let alone an OLED.

The motion frame interpolation works quite effectively; again compared to an OLED panel, this TV suffers from relatively slow pixel response time. There's also so-called black frame insertion to boost the TV's motion handling but at least for me it gave an extreme eyestrain so I wouldn't recommend using it especially during lengthier gaming sessions.

As for content creation, I think there's far better alternatives for such purpose. I mean, just get yourself a good HDR monitor which would be far better suited for image editing etc.

P.S. Naturally, I'm using the latest drivers and TV firmware.


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I am sorry to hear that! :( Thanks for your honest opinion. Have you tried contacting Samsung's technical support?
I really doubt whether Samsung's tech support will discuss such technical details with an ordinary customer. In my opinion, the only option is to try tweaking the service menu or even firmware package to disable this function.

To be fair, I wouldn't call this TV a bad product per se. It definitely has some strengths like its brightness, screen uniformity etc. Rather, it's just a half-baked product.


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Ouch, I see what happend there! :-( Hope you enjoy your old tv as long as necessary. Meanwhile, I'll try to do the same: wait for an 8K 32" monitor (or perhaps until the Apple 32" XDR is priced somewhere below 2500 euros). Good luck!

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