q90t connection to NAS via ethernet


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Hi everyone,

First off, it's my first post so a big Hi to you all!

I am pretty sure this has been asked before, but I could not find anything with a quick search.

I have recently bought a q90t and have connected it to my NAS (WD MyBookLive) via ethernet, meaning the TV connects to my router via cat 5e cabling, as does the NAS. The TV immediately automatically found my NAS under 'sources', and I can navigate through the folders on the NAS and play movies, etc.

I am wondering now though if this is the best way to do this though. Sometimes there is a very long buffer time from when I start the movie and when it begins to play (can be 30 seconds or more). Funnily enough this does not seem to relate to file size, in that one 2GB file can play instantly, while another 300MB file might take 30s or so. I know that the files could be of different format (.avi, mkv, .mp4, etc) so this of course could have an influence.

Another thing I notice is that if I pause a movie while playing, after a certain amount of time on pause I will lose the network connection, and get a 'network connection lost' message when I try to resume the movie.

Hence this leaves me wondering if I should really be using a different method to access the NAS, perhaps a special app etc, rather than the 'direct automatic connection'.

Any ideas appreciated!



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If you are playing media files then you might be able to install the plex server upon your NAS drive, and the app on your tv Your Media | Plex My synology NAS has the app available but don't know about yours..

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