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Hi All

Just took delivery of my 75Q90R today and am playing around with the picture settings.
I've noticed the TV never gives a notification that HDR is being used, also I can't change the HDR picture settings.
Its as if it is not receiving an HDR signal

I have tried to play HDR content via the YouTube app, amazon prime app and netflix via skyQ box. (Connected via hdmi 4 port) but nothing seems to work.
Am I doing something wrong?

My Q70R told me that HDR was being played and I could change the settings ( before it went faulty)

Any help would be appreciated


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The samsung q90r doesn't give a onscreen notification in the same way as other tv's, however if you press the Home button then across to settings there will be hdr, hdr10 or hdr10+, shown in the picture icon. For hdr on a device connected to the tv see here Samsung Q90/Q90R QLED Calibration Settings
This is normal but you could have referred to the main q90r thread for your answer...


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Thanks for your reply. I have looked through the threads but couldn't find an answer. That's why I posted, sorry if I missed it elsewhere.

To clarify, my issue is this.
The hdr, hdr10 notification does indeed appear on the picture mode tab. However the picture settings remain the same as sdr. Backlight, brightness, colour, sharpness etc.
I also cannot change the gamma, white balance etc. These remain greyed out.

I also can't get any hdr content from netflix (through skyQ). I'm not sure if this is because they support dolby vision and not hdr10.



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Have you change the hdmi port settings as in the article I shortcutted too? Also look in the main thread for any other settings you will need to put manually in. You are far better off using the tv apps too as I am not sure if SkyQ is able to send the correct info to your tv that it's using hdr. I can't test this myself as I only have the v1 skyq box so hdr isn't supported..
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Hi cuke

Thanks for your reply.
Yes I've changed the hdmi settings as suggested. I'll have a look through the other posts and see what I can find.
Thanks again

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