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Firstly, sorry if this has been discussed to death in the past, I’m probably a bit late to the party but would like some help / opinions. (I have seen the Q7/Q8/Q9 owners thread but not had chance to read through all 65 pages).

After spending a few weeks looking into a new TV, I’ve made the decision to go with a Samsung QLED Q8FN – the exact model is QE55Q8FNATXXU.

The problem is I’m struggling to find any reviews of this TV, as the majority are USA based, where Samsung confusingly sell the Q8FN model with Full Array Local Dimming, but I believe the UK version with FALD is the Q8DN?

Therefore any reviews I’ve come across are for the USA Q8FN, or UK Q8DN (same TV), but NOT the UK Q8FN! (See more below)

Below is my decision process so you can see how I arrived where i am...

My little adventure started off looking at an LG OLED55B8PLA, which was pretty stunning, in both picture and design. Bear in mind I’m moving from a Panasonic TX-L42D25B, so any improvement on this is kind of the goal!

Because I wanted a noticeable improvement over my current TV, I had decided to go for the more premium OLED or QLED technology (and 55”), with a budget of around £1000.

The main alternative for a few days was a Samsung QLED Q6, which looked great as well, but then I found a Q7 which seemed even better, and having read some horror stories about screen burn on OLED, I thought I’d not take the risk, however low it is.

A few days later I found an overwhelming deal on a Samsung Q8FN, and having read through a few quick reviews it looked like I’d struck gold. Many rave reviews sealed it for me and I placed an order. This was possibly slightly foolish, but mainly based on the logic that a Q8 must be better than a Q7 or Q6, and for less money with other extras, it seemed like a no brainer.

I’ve since spent more time reading reviews and came across the above mentioned model number confusion, and it seems I’d based much of my research on what I thought was the Q8FN, but in fact was the equivalent of the Q8DN in the UK but called Q8FN in the USA.

I’m not going to lose any sleep over the fact the TV I bought doesn’t have FALD, however I believe it does have Edge-Lit Local Dimming. Although apparently inferior to FALD, is it better than no ‘local dimming’ at all? How good or bad really is the picture on this TV compared to regular LED screens or that of my Panasonic?

I’ve found on a forum somewhere that the UK Q8FN is pretty much the same as a Q7xx? Can anyone verify this?

At the end of the day the most important thing is that the picture quality is a noticeable improvement over my current TV.

It’s clear how good the Q8DN is but I want a comparison between the UK Q8FN and UK Q8DN, not the USA Q8FN and UK Q8DN.

Finally, do any of the reviews for the USA Q8FN apply to the UK Q8FN? Are they similar TVs and share some qualities except for FALD?


I wrote most of this after I’d placed an order for the TV, but before it was delivered.

It’s since been received, setup and working. My overall impression is that it’s a beautiful TV, the picture is great, although hard to really tell as there’s very little 4K/HDR content out there (4K YouTube videos look good but not 100% convinced if they’re displaying in 4k).

I’ve not been able to compare the Edge Local Dimming with FALD but having run some tests, there is some haloing e.g with title credits – white text on a black background, but it’s not hugely noticeable to me.

YouTube comments on reviews of the USA Q8FN or UK Q8DN, are generally negative towards the UK Q8FN, so maybe I won’t miss what I haven’t seen as I’m happy so far with it, but still curious to see some proper reviews of this specific model!


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Great to hear you’re pleased. I’m also in the market for a Q7/Q8 so am interested as to what deal you managed to find?


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Q7FN has same tech specs so look for reviews of that one. But it’s all irrelevant if you’re happy with the tv.

Just sit back and enjoy.


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Great to hear you’re pleased. I’m also in the market for a Q7/Q8 so am interested as to what deal you managed to find?

Yeah, even with the realisation It's inferior to the Q8DN (which essentially I thought I was looking at!), it's still a vast improvement over my old 42 Panasonic.

I very quickly got used to the increase in screen size (55), and it seems to fit the room well, and the most noticeable improvement is the amazing contrast and colour depth and overall brightness.

Not sure what the rules are for posting external links or commercial things, but it was via Richer Sounds, with a 'free' UHD Blu-ray player, and the One Connect box, and 6 year warranty. 10 year screen burn warranty too. It was under £1200.

Q7FN has same tech specs so look for reviews of that one. But it’s all irrelevant if you’re happy with the tv.

Just sit back and enjoy.

Many thanks, I will check those out.

So what is the difference between the Q7FN and Q8FN? I assume the Q8 is not better than the Q7 in the same way the Q9 is to the Q8, but surely it must be a better TV than the Q7?

I'm mainly wondering if I spent more on a Q8, and could have got basically the same TV in the Q7 for less money.


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I think the Q8FN has slightly better sound but you’d still be better off using a soundbar or the like.

Picture quality will be the same.

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