Q80T/Q85T 5.1 audio output from PS5


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I’ve been looking for a new TV for a while now, for watching sports, news and playing PS5 (when I manage to get hold of one). I have an old Sony BDV-N5200W bluray player/ 5.1 surround system, the surround sound is awesome and I want to keep it.

I’ll be watching in a quite dark area (although reflections are a bit of an issue).

I was going to opt for the Samsung 65” Q85T, but I’ve read some articles where people are complaining that they can’t pass 5.1 audio from their PS5 to their AVR. The PS5 has no optical out, audio has to be passed to the TV through HDMI and then sent on to the 5.1 system (which has HDMI, optical and analog audio inputs).

Do any of you guys have a similar setup, and do you think I’ll be able to receive 5.1 this way? I could possibly put an HDMI audio extractor between the PS5 and TV but that would dumb down the signal, I think I’d lose 120fps, VRR and maybe the low latency gaming mode.

When I read of this issue I considered buying the LG CX, but it’s a lot more expensive and I’m still not even sure it would work. Any advice you guys could offer would be appreciated


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Well I took the plunge and bought the 65" Q85T. ARC doesn't work at all, which I blame on the bluray player, as ARC also didn't work with the old TV. But I connected an optical from the TV and I get 5.1 dolby digital passed through from the Virgin V6 box and PS5 (which I also finally managed to buy!). There is a slight lip sync issue, strangely the lag seems to vary from day to day, so I'm gonna use an hdmi splitter to run a cable from the Virgin box to the bluray player. Ideally I would do the same for the PS5, but I'll hold off until hdmi 2.1 splitters become available.

Overall I'm delighted with it. The anti reflective screen does a good job, although reflections can still be an issue on very sunny days. I've noticed an occasional but barely noticeable juddering type issue that people on this forum have spoken about with the 2020 QLEDs. It's really only when watching footy and especially footy highlights programmes that often switch from slow to fast scenes. But I switched to game mode and haven't noticed much, and anyway it's so slight and brief that it's not an issue in the grand scheme of things for me.

Well done again Samsung, legends! 👏


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I have a Samsung Q80t and sony bdv-n9200w.
I read a lot about the audio desynchronization problems between the ps5 and the tv.
I have in mind to buy a ps5 but I am not encouraged by the audio problems. Did you buy the audio extractor? (What brand?)
I am interested to know if you were able to make everything work well (q80t + Home Theater + PS5).
Thank you very much in advance. (Sorry my bad english).


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Nice setup, great minds think alike! The hdmi splitter sorted the lip sync issue with the virgin box.

I haven't done anything about the PS5 yet. The audio delay is only slight, I don't even notice while playing games, but it would be annoying for films. There are hdmi 2.0b splitters available but they limit you to 60hz at 4k, I'm just gonna leave it for now. The astro hdmi adapter for PS5 has an optical output


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Thanks Jimmy99.

I was thinking that maybe with the proper configuration the delay is minimal.

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