Q80T or XH90?


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Im gonna keep this as short as i can, so im choosing between these two tvs (q80t 55" €750, xh90 55" €900) and i dont know wich one is the best for me. Im going to use it in a dark room most of the time, occasionally on the day with some light in the room.
I found the q80t returned thus why its sold for 750, the xh90 for 900 brand new on sale. The only bad things i could find about the q80t and the reason im doubting buying is, that it could possibly have bad Dse? Its also retruned so im wondering if someone returned it because it had bad Dse. Also, it doesnt support DV.
The Sony seems good in every way and i like the Android TV on it better, but is it worth spending €150 extra on it? Since i will mostly use the tv only a couple hours a day before going to bed, should i go with something cheaper mabye? Or buy one of these. Any help is appreciated :)


The European Q80T is different from the American one, so be careful when reading reviews from America.

Generally the only reasons I can think to go with the XH90 over the Q80T would be if you value motion processing in video above all else. You may get less DSE with the Sony too.

Really in every other area the Samsung is better. It gets brighter, has better blacks and if you are a gamer it doesn't have a problem with blur in 4k 120hz mode.

I'm not sure you could consider Android TV a positive thing, Samsung's smart OS is a lot more polished with less bugs. You may like Android if you want chromecast built in, or if you like to install specific apps but otherwise Samsung's system is a lot better. Actually one of the annoying things about android TVs is only supporting 1080p casting rather than 4k.

Overall, there's never one best TV, heavily depends on your own preferences and what you view on the TV, the conditions you view in etc.

I wouldn't worry about HDR format support, the Q80T can get brighter than the XH90, so even if you use the Q80T to play back a Dolby Vision HDR title there's a good chance it will look better due to that increase in brightness. Remember that if a TV does not support Dolby Vision, it still works with HDR using the basic HDR10 layer. There's aspects to buying a HDR TV that are more important than only the formats it accepts and in my opinion, the better blacks and higher colour volume/brightness make the Q80T the much better HDR TV despite not supporting Dolby Vision HDR.

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