Q80T 65 Overriding hdmi control.


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Hey everyone really need some help with an issue with my Q80T.

I already have judder issues that's widely spoken about on other forum's. Game mode is a short-term fix for this but I'm having an issue that's driving me up the wall with HDMI Control.

I have everything on the TV off. Anynet+ is off. eARC is off. On my receiver I have HDMI Control off. Standby through is on. Sky Q I have HDMI Control off.

Yet the TV is turning both my sky off and my receiver goes into a weird standby mode when I power off the TV.

I have a Yamaha 685 and I cannot suss out what the hell is happening.

I normally stick a music channel on or the radio via Sky Q. When I turn the TV off, after around 15 seconds my receiver states no signal and then I have a continuous red HDMI logo flashing. My sky Q box then turns itself off.

I cannot override this, if I turn the Q box back on I get no signal and quick flashes showing my speakers on the AV receiver and then it goes back to no signal.

The only way around it was to select hdmi out on my receiver remote and select 2 (this is my dining room TV output). However it's now turning my Q box off so that work around isn't working.

I've spoken repeatedly to Samsung and they've taken remote control and reset the HDMI inputs. I was supposed to have an engineer but they're messing me around with that.

If I reset the TV (done this about 15 times so far) it works up until I turn my receiver on. Then it automatically ticks all the HDMI controls. I turn them off and I'm back to square one.

If I connect Q directly it turns it off regardless. Yet all control's are off on that too!

I can't listen to the radio via Sky or turn the screen off when I just want music channels on. I cannot turn the TV off if I wish to watch TV in the dining room as it turns off sky and puts the receiver into this standby mode.

If I unplug the hdmi cable into the TV and turn the power off it doesn't happen obviously. If I put the hdmi cable into the TV (even though it may have been off for an hour) I hear it click and it turns everything back off.

I've tired everything so far and I can't stop it happening. Anyone had this issue or know how to stop it?


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