Q80R HDMI cable blocks live signal from Sky HD+ box but recorded stuff OK?


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Hi all,

Just got a Samsung Q80R.

When I connected my Sky HD plus box no signal on the TV showed.

After doing some tests with a smaller TV alongside I found out that when I connect an HDMI cable to the Q80R it takes out the signal on the Sky box and no live TV BUT I can play back recorded programmes on the Q80R with no problem.

So it seems that when the HDMI cable is connected to the Q80R it somehow effects the signal on the Sky box but when discounted the Sky box gets its signal.

I also confirmed this by starting recording a programme on the other TV and then after 20 seconds pulled the HDMI out of the small Tv and connected into the Q80R and on playback after about 20 seconds on playback the recorded programme stopped.

I have tried all the HDMI connections and all the same result.

Anyone have any ideas or help how to correct this please?


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