Q7D (Q70R) and Xbox VFR creating color ghosting?


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Hi folks,

Just picked up a Q7D 55 inch from Costco which I believe is equivalent to the Q70R at other retailers.

I chose this TV over other brands because I was interested in the Freesync Variable Frame Rate functions with my Xbox One S (and for future proofing as this could be a cool feature in future game consoles). However, having this function on on the Xbox is giving me all kinds of trouble.

The main thing is that if this function is on, I can see faint 'color ghosting' on the edges of darker shapes during motion. Like, I'll see fuzzy red or fuzzy green as a shot pans across a dark figure on its outline. It's like the color channels are one frame out of sync from eachother. I see this on Xbox streaming apps (Amazon, Netflix), and games. I can see it easily on 30 fps games, though 60fps games may be fast enough I don't see it. The input icon on the TV for the Xbox says "Game mode" and has a little "VFR" on the icon, so I believe it knows it is getting a VFR signal.

Also, the TV's "Auto game mode" switching function is always on Game mode no matter the game or app on the xbox, and it tells me it's switching to game mode like 5 times any time I switch to the home menu or to any app or game, so something is being weird.

If I turn off the VFR on the xbox, the ghosting is gone and it switches between game mode and regular between games and video as it should.

The xbox is connected directly to the TV via HDMI.

Any insights or suggestions? I appreciate it!
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