Question Q70R - universal remote and Sky icon disappearing from Smart Hub


Bought a 65inch Q70R just before Christmas. I’ve been pleased with it and especially liked the universal remote control. I programmed it for my Sky HD (just inertia stopping me upgrading to Sky Q). It was great to have the Sky icon in the Hub and to be able to use the universal remote (UR) for everything.

I think there was a firmware update on the TV a number of weeks ago and I found that the Sky icon had disappeared. No problem. I went through the setup process again for the UR and the Sky icon came back. Happy days...

...until I turned off the TV. Turning it on again and the Sky icon had disappeared again and the UR didn’t control the Sky box. The only way to get it back is to reprogram the remote all over again for it to be lost when the telly is switched off. There has definitely not been any cable movement or differences in the way things are wired up - it’s been set up once and I’ve only checked all cables are seated properly.

Since that time, I’ve tried everything including resetting the TV to factory settings. Nothing works. In the big scheme of things, it’s very much a First World Problem but having two remotes is a bit of a faff and I do like the UR.

Sound familiar to anyone? Any advice or input gratefully received.

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