Q70R undo factory reset?


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Hi everyone, I have a problem with my Samsung Q70R and would appreciate if someone could help me. I was watching tv and then suddenly some menu opened up. There were options like hospitality mode, cloning, eco solution. Unfortunately, while I was trying to close it, I turned on hospitality mode but switched it off right after. However, that seems to factory reset my tv. So, my question is, is there any way that I can return it to a previous state? The thing is, I spent a long time calibrating my tv and getting the picture to look the way I want and there is no way for me to manually return everything to how it was.
Forgive me but I'm also still mad and need to vent out, how is it possible to reset everything so easily, I haven't done anything, the menu popped up after pressing the play button, I wasn't pressing a combination of buttons and how can it reset so simply without any warning, it's ridiculous.
Lesson learned, from now on I will save the settings on my computer, I just didn't expect this to happen.
Thanks for any help!


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Unfortunately there is no way I know of reversing that, from the sound of it you've managed to access the service menu...


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That's what I was afraid of. It's still outrageous to me that I was able to open the service menu without actually trying and with a smart remote that has no number pad. Anyway, appreciate confirming my fear. However, if someone does know a way, please let me know.


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If, as you say, the service menu popped up after pressing the Play button have you tried pressing it again so you can go back in and turn hospitality mode off.
I would be very surprised if the service menu can be accessed by pressing one button, normally it's a combination of key presses.


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I can't believe it either. Before pressing play, I was moving the cursor around, typing with the on-screen keyboard, pressed ok to start the video and paused it with the play button right after to go get some food. I didn't even know at first it was tv's menu, I tried closing it so I accidentally turned on hospitality mode but I disabled it right after and then I had to turn off the tv for the menu to close.

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