Q6600 Running at 594Mhz ?


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Howdy, just upgraded my E4600 for the Q6600.

It seems that its running at 594Mhz, anyone know why ? i was looking around and have read it might be because my PSU might limit how fast it can go.

Is this normal ?

Its one of the newer G0 Step Q6600.

Any advise would be great :)

My Motherboard is a Abit F-I90HD


download cpu-z 1.45 and see what that shows.


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If you put some strain on the processor, does it step up to a higher speed?
i didnt think they slowed down that much. that is a bit extreme. but if it was actually running at just under 600Mhz you wouldnt be able to do much on your pc at all it would just be to slow, i think it might just be a glitch in the software. how are you getting that 594Mhz reading? is it through bios? on POST? software?
the sure fire way to find out is to run CPU-Z as booyaka said.
it will also give you alot more info such as FSB speed, core voltage. multiplier and so on.


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CE1 and speedstep only knock the cpu back to 6x multiplier and up it to a 9x multiplier when under load.

It sounds like its running at 99Mhz x 6 = 594

If it is showing this in cpuz reset the Bios and see if it corrects it. You can also disable CE1 and Speedstep in the Bios for a constant 9x multiplier.


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Looks like it might be an error in Windows.

I was geting that from the Properties in My Computer.

This is what i get in CPU-Z



that's correct at what it should be.

no problems there


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so it thinks your CPU is single core... is that not weird?
where are you reading single core cpu from? the selection drop down menu at the bottom? the greyedout box with processor #1 in? its only 1 physical CPU with 4 cores but as said it does say 4 cores at the bottom its being reported correctly in cpu-z it must just be a windows properites error (where the orrigional number was taken from)

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