Q60T problem with switching to TV


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I have just bought a Q60T (43") and had it all set up working fine with my HK AVR171 amp. All of a sudden it has started behaving very strangely.
What it used to do ( and should do) is when i switch on the TV the amp also powers up. I had a cyclone connected to the AVR and that would power up and the TV would change to the receiver channel (hdmi 2) then we would switch to TV and all would be good. I then disconnected the cyclone and it just started in TV mode with the sound running through the AVR via e arc.
All of a sudden it would start up in receiver mode (hdmi 2) and if you switched to tv it would give the blue tv logo then go to black screen - which turns out to be the receiver channel but with no TV.
However, if you go to source and go to the bottom menu and then go to terestial tv, move up to guide and click that, the guide comes up, and then you can get the tv to work with the sound through the AVR. If you switch it off the process seems to repeat. I have just tried switching it on again and when the AVR switches to TV ( but outputs a black screen) i then switched to a different input of the amp and switched back to tv. Then i switched the TV and it all worked ok.
So i know the cable , AVR and TV all work. just not together as they should, so I guess its some sort of handshake issue. I have tried different hdmi cables but it still seems to be the same.

Does anyone have a clue about whats going on?

Many thanks in advance

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