Q60T or nanocell90 for Xbox Series X?


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Hey! Im new on this forum!

I have two televisions at home, a Samsung 55Q60T and an LG 55nano906na, in my room I have the Q60T and we are thinking of changing the room TV since in a week I will receive my xbox series x and the LG has 120hz.

Which tv is more recommended to play? the LG has VRR, 120hz and hdmi 2.1, while the Q60T doesn't, but I've also read that the Q60T has much better contrast than the LG, so it would lose image quality just because of the fluidity of 120hz.

The TV would not be just for gaming, it would also be for watching series/movies/youtube. Would the LG be much worse for this use than the Q60T?

How does VRR and 120 hz work with the LG? does it work well with xbox series x? does it really work at 4k/120hz + vrr at the same time?



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I would go with the LG I think the better tv would be the this
Q80A seems incredible, but I am not going to buy a new tv at the moment, by which I mean which would be the best of the two that I already have.


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Which one do you like the mest?
Have you played it on both?


If you're going to play with the lights on, or you intend to play from multiple positions I'd go with the LG.

If you want to turn the lights off and will view only in front, the Samsung will be a better experience.

Neither TV will work very well for HDR gaming, so you'll want to keep that disabled console side on both.

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