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Hello, on Black Friday I bought a Samsung QE55Q60T for 599€ (726$ at today's exchange rate) but quite cheap considering I've always seen this TV at about 800-900€ (In the same shop they sell if for 945 today, which is an absurd price for this model in my opinion) and that here in Europe we usually get a 1:1 rate when it comes to prices so it would be more akin to having it for 600$.
Given the price I can't complain but I bought it to replace a Sony KD-49X8005C that I bought in 2016 because it didn't support HDR and also it was very slow when interacting with the SmartTV aspects or even the normal operations like volume and channel changing.

The new model is quite snappy in comparison to the Sony so the main goal of this replacement is achieved and also I got a bigger TV set. But considering I come from a TV that doesn't support HDR I'm less than impressed when it comes to HDR content at least in Netflix.
The first thing I did was to calibrate it according to Samsung Q60T QLED Calibration Settings and then I put my old and new TV side by side reproducing the same content at the same time in Netflix.
When setting both TVs in Movie mode, the Samsung one is a clear winner. Colors are more natural than the Sony unit but setting the Sony TV to "Standard" things get murkier.
For SDR content the Samsung unit is just different. Not better, not worse. Colors are a bit less saturated in the Samsung one, more natural but you can say that they are a bit washed out when comparing both side by side. I guess it's a matter of taste but the biggest disappointment is HDR content.

This is the first time that I have a TV compatible with HDR so I didn't know what to expect but certainly I was expecting more. I put some of the latest Netflix's shows (Queen's gambit and Alien Worlds) in both TVs at the same time. The Samsung one switches automatically to HDR (Movie mode) and having the Sony one in Standard, I find the colors in the Sony configuration more pleasant. Specially skin and hair tones are more natural, less greenish and more vibrant and colors in the bugs of Alien Worlds look more vibrant and colorful in the Sony unit, considering that it's reproducing it in SDR, not HDR. I've changed all possible modes in the Samsung TV but going to any other setting (Natural or Standard) it only gets worse, with saturated colors that don't match the subtle tone of the Sony Standard mode. It's only after changing the Sony unit to movie that I see quite an improvement in the Samsung unit over the Sony one. I was expecting HDR to make it look different. With more color and contrast or a different effect altogether but so far I didn't find anything that nearly says "This is better than an SDR show".

Maybe I'm comparing apples to oranges and maybe I didn't choose the right shows to compare or maybe I didn't calibrate my screen correctly or my expectations for HDR were wrong but I can't help but to think that given the price at 600€ this is a decent TV and a good replacement for my old unit, but having I bought it in its normal price around 800-900€ I would be really really really disappointed. Is it normal? Is this TV so overpriced that it only makes sense on Black Friday when you get a 250€ discount over its normal price?

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