Q300 vs R100

Any thoughts on Q300 vs R100. Am considering both, am unsure and need a little guidance.

Am worried the R100's bass response won't be good enough.

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As far as quality is concerned, R100, easy. If you really need a bit more depth, the Q300 will give you that, but I doubt you'll be disappointed with the R100's.
Thanks for the reply. I may have to dem them if they are so promising.

Just concerned by the frequency range and the 2 way system design. Though granted, I don't really understand the latter.

Would bass performance for bass-heavy genres like hip hop be poor on the R100s? Or am i reading too much into WHF's description of the bass in their review.

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They'll both do a good job for their size. Whether they'll let you down on certain genres of music, only you can answer that. If they do, the R300's will dig deeper, but they still wont reach the lowest depths that music manages to. I have a couple of tracks I use for demos, and these two won't reach deep enough - the R500's or R700's would be needed for that.

See if you can get an audition :)

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