Q1 or eggs rears?




I decided to buy a kef Q1 setup (good comments made here), but I have some big dilema with rear speakers (L/R).

First, Q1 are big, and curved. I like them but can't find a stand tall and firm enough to place them on top, and they seem too big to
fix them hanging on rear wall. Also there is some WAT efect about big floor stands.

As an alternative to Q1 I was considering just 2 eggs for rears, but.... isn't it going to mess up sound totally, or will still be an
acceptable set?

I would appreciate also any advice or links on stands.

Thank you!


I've also considered Q8s but damn... I dislike them at all.


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I am planning to change my fronts to B&W 603's and centre to the B&W lcr600. These will be replacing my 3 eggs. I plan to keep the eggs as rears and possibly use the egg that originally was the center as a back center to make 6.1. I am going to demo on Saturday so I will get back to you on how they sound. If things are not good then I might have to rethink the rears and Q1's had been suggested.


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I have tried the Q2Ds with poor results. My living room is approx 15' x 13' with bay window and chimney.

The rears were placed at 3" above head hight and slightly forward.

The sound was totally lost. When I did a test tone it sounded like the sound was coming from the front :confused:

So I ended up taking them back which was a shame as I thought they were a sexy looking speaker.

I am now going to try some q8s. 7thguest has already had a go with then and recons they are canny but will let you know. If I forget PM me.


PS You could maybe concider these http://www.home-entertainment.co.uk/grouptest_read.asp?GroupID=696&ArticleID=701


Thanks for your views.

400 its somewhat out of my budget.:(

I'd love to know your experience with eggs and q8s... :blush: :clown: :blush: :clown:

Can't wait... ;) ;) ;) too much time reading avforums and waiting for my own HC!!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


As petrolhead has already said I am currently testing a set of Q8's as rear surrounds they are powerful defined and put out some impressive bass.

I am also testing an egg as a centre alongside my Q35.2's. I have to confess I am not impressed with it it sounds OK but nothing more. I also have a set of Elac cinema sat 1's and to be honest I prefer using one of those as a centre.

Like everything though it's down to your tastes in the end.

Good luck

7ThGuest :)

PS I am selling my Elac's, all 5, for £200 + p&p (only 4 weeks old) if anybody is interested.


I am interested in how your demo's of the Q8's went. I am currently still building my room (18' x 11') and have already purchased the Q2DS for side duties and intended on having Q1's for all three fronts and the rears.
If the Q8's are a good match with the Q1's I might consider trying these instead as they are a little easier to accomadate even if they leave alot to be desired in the looks department.


Both myself and petrolhead have tested these speakers for several hours. I can safely say we both agreed these are very good rear surrounds and in particular an excellent match for petrolheads front soundstage (Q1's & Q9C).

They were very detailed & revealing with a lot of depth. We compared them against several other sets including Monitor BB's, Eltax etc etc but they were definitely the best.

There was a noticeable difference when playing the battle scene in Gladiator (Ch 2 I think) there was a lot more going on in the background, and it sounded as if there were hundreds of cohorts marching about. We picked up new things that we had never heard before. IMHO very very good, so much so petrolhead should be hanging hisnew set up just about now. ;)

These were £180 from Global Hifi in Newcastle, but they are available for £150 online, can't remeber the company, petrolhead will sure he wouldn't mind a pm if you wanted the address.

Hope this helps

l8r 7ThGuest :)


I've finally bought my 5. setup (sub missing at present).

It has been Q5+Q9c+Q1. WAT decided she prefers floorstandings to Q1+stands, and I convinced her that Q1+stands were better than Q8s for a similar price (excluding stands). :cool: :cool: :cool:

So I feel good :D :D :D .

And now I start the new battle of buying a new 16:9 100Mhz TV set with furniture. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: . After that my HCPC setup will come.

It's there still so much to be done

Thanks for all your help

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