Q: Samsung LE40C750 Full HD 3D Ready 40" LCD 200Hz TV w/ Internet TV & Freeview HD??


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Hi Suneee, I just posted a response in the John Lewis thread regarding the UE40C7000 and I was considering buying one of those.

How would you compare the C750 & C7000? Are they comparable seeing as the C7000 is a few hundred quid cheaper than the C8000. If I can get a similar quality and save another £600 then great. Amazon have them for £960 but I might pop into Dixons to have a look. This site say's they stock them.

Your help is much appreciated.


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I was not seeing that much a difference on Standard definition or high definition on those two tvs. 750 was not displaying 3d, so couldnt compare that.
Which is why, I might actually consider going for the 750 as I am only advantages buying that, instead of any of the other twos. I mean, to my eye, the 7000 compared to 8000 was just better.
But again, shop display and no manual setting. Might be very standard, and it does sound like people have made some pretty good improvements when calibrating it manually.

But if money was a consideration, i would say get the 750. We only hear good reports from it.


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Thanks Suneee, most helpful.

Sounds like the differences are pretty minimal. Leaning towards the 750, now as the difference would cover a 3D Blu-ray and Sky 3D


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Just ordered my LE40C750 from dixons, they have them in stock, price is £919 if you use voucher code FIVETV you get 5% discount.

Mine arrives Monday

rusty mechanic

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i'm starting to get a little tempted by this tv and £919 is a good price but i'd like a longer warranty if possible. the cheapest one i could find is robert whyte for just over £1000 with a 4 year warranty but does anyone know of a better deal with a good warranty. cheers russ


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Hi all,

I'm due to pick mine up from Currys tomorrow (providing my Toshiba Uplift For Credit goes to plan!) so will let you know what I think of what sounds like a fantastic tv.

Thanks to everyone who posted on this tv as this forum is my reason for choosing it. I was initially going to get the Sony 40EX503 but due to stock problems and imminent World Cup I have switched my choice, hopefully the Sammy will prove to be better than the Sony anyway !

Once again thanks to all for you very helpful info regarding the Sammy.

Cheers BM


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Thanks for this thread. I really helped me to review and know more about C750.
By the way I ordered mine from Pixmania for just £819! :) I used voucher code PIXSEPTUK14 for £14 discount!


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Tesco have this in-store (at stockport) for £1000 with 3D blu-ray player, starter kit (glasses and MvA).


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iirc no!, you have to watch what your recording and keep the TV switched on!!
Hi Shaun, can you tell me if it possible to record from AV/HDMI imput media being viewed on the TV to a connected HDD or is the TV's PVR capability limited to recording from the on board Freeview HD tuner? thanks TBONE1.

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