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Neil in Bristol

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Aug 12, 2005
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My Tivo missed off the end of "Mad Dog & Glory" recently, and now my girlfriend is driving me mad to find out what happened!

Anyone who can tell me what happened after the fight would be saving me a lot of earache...
Glory comes back and decides to stay with Wayne, even though she was offended that he and Frank were fighting over her in the street. Frank says he'll leave them alone and laments that he and Wayne couldn't have been proper friends because he "runs" with a load of gorillas. Louis Prima plays on the soundtrack, everyone's happy.
Is this film any good? I'm a big fan of Murray but never watched this for some reason.
I think it's excellent (written by Richard Price, produced by Scorsese, directed by John (Henry: POASK) McNaughton) but some people dislike De Niro's performance in it, and suggested that he should've played Frank (the gangster) whilst Murray played Wayne - which would've been idiotic, imo. Murray's excellent in this. Even David Caruso's good! And the script has lovely little odd asides in it: the scene where Wayne puts Louis Prima on the jukebox at a murder scene (because he's ecstatic over sleeping with Glory for the first time) is fairly wonderful, although some people disliked its contrived nature.

Thumbs up from me all round. Henry's Tom Towles is in there too :)

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